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Wahl Premium Pet Nail Filer, Red

Keep your dog's nails smooth and your floors scratch-free with Petco's selection of dog nail grinders & dog nail files. Browse and shop nail supplies here. Filter. Sort By. Wahl Classic Nail Grinder Replacement 9 $3.39 was $4.99. compare. Wahl's Premium Nail Filer is a battery operated grinder kit that is ideal for trimming, shaping and smoothing rough nails on small pets including cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds. Now pet owners can easily achieve professional nail trimming results at home quickly and efficiently.

The Wahl Premium Pet Nail Filer gives you everything you need for a stress-free nail filing session with your pet. This battery-operated nail filer works on all cat breeds as well as small and medium dog breeds. It features a powerful rotary motor with two forward and.
Description. The Wahl Premium Pet Nail Filer Replacement Kit contains accessories designed to fit the Wahl Premium Pet Nail Filer. Inside this kit, you'll find six small sanding drums with bands that have a 60-grit grinding capability.

Product Overview Continue filing your pet’s nails with this replacement kit for the Premium Nail Filer. Nail Grinding Guide Professional Animal Division U.S.A. Brand new Wahl SS PRO Clipper Set. Includes Blade Coolant, Nail Filer, heavy duty power cord, 10 Competition Series blade, Storage case, Drive tip removal tool, 2 extra replacement drive tips, 2 Stainless Steel Attachment combs, cleaning brush, and blade oil. Lightweight clipper with contoured and ridged finger grips for comfort and maximum control. Cord length: 10 ft. wahl premium nail filer 58777-100. please read before bidding: all items are working condition unless stated otherwise. please email us before making payment for a combined invoice if you have won multiple items. you will receive an invoice with detailed payment instructions if you have won the auction. 24/09/33 · The Gentle Paws Nail Filer is a powerful two speed pet nail battery operated trimmer. The perfect way to shape, smooth and trim pet nails. The fast, gentle and stress-free way to file pet nails.

Premium Nail Filer Replacement kit - Wahl Animal.

each nail. WARNING: DO NOT OVER-FILE OR APPLY EXCESSIVE PRESSURE. 4. To avoid tangling of hair on long-haired breed dogs, push hair away from pets paw before using the appliance. For best results, use a nylon stocking over pets paw and push nails through stocking. 5. For larger dogs, position the front paw forward in order to file nails. 6. 10/11/40 · The Wahl Ultimate around $48 is equipped with a variable speed dial and can spin at a maximum of 13,000 RPM. It works well and can take nails down very quickly, though it is loud and vibrates a lot, so wouldn't be suitable for especially skittish animals. With High Speed Rotary Nail Filer Motorized rotary grinder Adjustable depth gauge Soft touch grip The Brand Used By Professionals Designed to: Trim nails Remove rough burs Kit includes: Scissor Style Nail Clipper Rotary Nail File Adjustable Guard Grinding Stones AA Battery Instructions When Dogs bark, they really say Wahl! Kit includes - nail filer with cord, large grinding stone, small grinding stone, filing drum, felt polisher, large grit filing bands 3 x 60 and small grit filing bands 3 x 100. In conclusion, the Wahl Pet Nail Grinder is fantastic if like me you were desperate to find a last ditch attempt at trimming sensitive pets claws with minimal stress.

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